Kam Yan

Kam Yan (meaning "Come and Yarn" in Torres Strait Creole) is a series from the ABC's Indigenous Programs Unit.  Each episode takes us on a visit to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community and allows the people there to share with us their history, art and culture from their own perspective.

Blacktown At the foot of the Blue Mountains is the traditional home of the Daruk people. We find out about the Aboriginal history of the area, and also look at contemporary indigenous society.

Brewarrina Brewarrina is where the 'Strength Through Unity' Festival has been a successful step in the progress of turning around the town's troubled image (following Lloyd Boney's hanging in his cell in 1987, and the Breakfast Creek Massacre last century). Today the people of Brewarrina are trying to resolve their differences and work towards a better future. Live music from the Festival is included: Yothu Yindi, Christine Anu, Warumpi Band.

Broome The town of Broome in Western Australia is famous for its pearls and early this century hundreds of Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysians went there for work. Many stayed and married into the local Jawauru tribe. Today Broome is one of the most culturally mixed communities in Australia.

Cherbourg Cherbourg Aboriginal Community in Queensland has seen many changes in recent years, including the building of new homes by local apprentices, the opening of a TAFE College and the training of community rangers to pass on cultural traditions. Michelle Tuahine finds out what matters to the people of Cherbourg.

Deb's Ball This programme looks into the world of teenage aborigines living in Ballina and Campbelltown. They are being initiated into the adult world, not by the aboriginal traditional style but through an adopted white man's ceremony - a debutante's ball.

Framlingham Framlingham is a small community in Southern Victoria, which has produced many famous boxers. Community members reflect on past glories and their struggle to retain their homeland.

Furneaux Islands The idyllic islands of the Furneaux group in the north east of Tasmania are home to approximately 400 Indigenous people. Their cultural strength and traditions cut across the popular notion that Tasmanian Indigenous culture is dead. The Mutton birding season brings the communities of Flinders Island and Cape Barren Island back together.

Kalgoorlie The Health statistics for Aboriginal people in Kalgoorlie, WA, are some of the worst in the country. This problem looks at some of the community initiatives in creating health services run by Aboriginal health workers. These services are the critical interface between the mainstream medical system and the needs of the Wongi people of Kalgoorlie.

Mapoon Mapoon centres on the Aboriginal community of Mapoon is far north Queensland, north of Weipa. Mapoon was set up as a Presbyterian mission late last century partly to stop the shooting of local Aboriginals. The mission was shut down in 1963; this is the story of those who have made a determined effort to return to the land of their parents and grandparents.

Prison While Aborigines are only 2% of the Australian population, they make up around 15% of the prison population. Kam Yam spent time with Koori inmates from both Bathurst and Long Bay Correctional Centres to gain an insight into the sense of community within the jails.

Tiwi Islands Melville and Bathurst Islands, 80km north of Darwin, are home to the Tiwi people - 90% of whom are practising Roman Catholics since the mission days. Today, they combine their Christian beliefs with traditional Aboriginal spirituality.

Thursday Island Kam Yan goes to the 1996 Torres Strait Cultural Festival. The story shows behind the scenes preparations of the festival inclding a turtle hunt for the traditional Kup Mari feast. Performers include Warakus Rainmakers, Sai Bai and York Island Dance Groups and the Aboriginal Islander Dance Group performing 'Drums of Mer'.

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Kam Yan
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