For the Juniors - Weather

This program looks at the effects of weather on city and rural dwellers, and at the different weather conditions that occur throughout a year and how they affect our lifestyles, bodies and behaviour. A young girl living on a farm and a young boy living in the suburbs relate ways in which they experience the changing seasons, from the clothes they wear to the activities they watch or participate in. The programs examine how weather affects other living things, with an emphasis on how some plants and animals adapt to certain climatic conditions.
Cold Weather
This program is filled with images to make young viewers shiver! It examines the ways we dress when it is cold and shows how some animals adapt to cold conditions through their behaviour and physical features. Successive shots of the same locations at the same time of the year illustrate the changing life cycles of trees, from green growth through to Autumn leaves and bare branches. Children in the TV program talk about the different foods they like to eat when it's cold. Finally viewers are shown how to read and interpret temperature using a thermometer.
Dry Weather
After showing some familiar dry day scenarios, this TV program looks at what makes a day dry by examining the concept of low humidity. Using images of Antarctica, viewers learn that dry days aren't necessarily hot. A young girl explains that harvesting takes place on her family's farm during the dry months. Some selected landscapes are shown at different times of the year, illustrating how green places turn brown as rainfall drops off. Other consequences of prolonged dry weather are also illustrated, including ways in which some plants and animals have adapted to dry conditions. Finally, the program looks at some practical ways to conserve water, especially in areas of low rainfall.
Hot Weather
This program opens with summer scenes at the beach. A weather forecaster sets the mood and suggests some ways to protect skin from Sun damage. Viewers are encouraged to think about the sort of hot weather they experience - is it hot and dry, or hot and humid? Sun safety messages are practiced as we see people participate in a range of hot weather activities - both indoors and outdoors. The program examines how hot weather makes us feel and how our bodies react to it. It also looks at how some animals adapt to heat. In the closing segments we see some simple examples of how the Sun is a useful energy source.
Wet Weather
This program opens with a young boy caught in the rain on his way home. Imagine what it would be like if he wasn't wearing appropriate wet weather clothing? Different scenarios encourage young viewers to think about how rain affects their day to day lives. The program explores ways to predict rain and with the help of a graphic learn about the water cycle. Successive shots showing dams, a reservoir, and a creek at different times of the year, illustrate how rain can change the water level in some places. The program also looks at the need to store, conserve and use rainwater. Finally viewers are taken through some easy steps to make a rain gauge and children tell us what they think about rainy days.

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7 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $275
Schools $198

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