For the Juniors - Space

This series of four programs takes a look at the fascinating world above us - space. With a focus on easily identifiable objects in the day and night sky, such as the sun, moon and stars, this series links the topic of "space" with the everyday experience of young children. The series concludes with a look at space travel, including an interview with Australian astronaut Dr Andy Thomas who has worked on the Russian Mir space station.
The Sun
This program focuses on the way in which people make use of the sun in everyday life. For example, drying the washing or paintings, ripening fruit and providing warmth so that we can enjoy outdoor activities. The use of solar power as a form of energy is also introduced.
The Moon
Why does the moon shine? Why does the moon change shape? Does the moon move? How big is the moon? These and other questions are explored. This program looks at the development of our understanding of what it is like on the moon, using language and concepts appropriate to lower primary viewers. Space travel is also featured, with stories from people old enough to remember the first man walking on the moon, to children asking questions about what the moon is like.
The Stars
Stars have fascinated people ever since the beginning of time. In this program, students see some well known constellations such as the Southern Cross and the Saucepan which appear in the night sky. Using their own words, children in the program give a simple definition of a star. The program's narrator explains that the sun is a star and that stars are suns. The reason stars are not seen in the daytime is also explained.
Space Travel
We meet Dr Andy Thomas, the first Australian astronaut in this program. Dr Thomas answers questions children are likely to ask about his experience travelling in space. Using footage from the space shuttle and NASA to illustrate, Dr Thomas explains how you eat, exercise, wash, clean your teeth and work in space.

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4 x 15 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $165

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