For the Juniors - People Who Help Us

This four-part series looks at people who help us: why we all need help from others at certain times, who helps us, why these people are in a position to help us, what forms that help can take, and ways to approach these people for help. The programs will also examine each individual's responsibility to help themselves and others. The series also looks at the environments in which people who help us work, the uniforms (including safety clothing) they wear and the tools they us.
Who do we turn to when our health falters? From the local GP to radiographers and cleaners, this program explores the world of health care, centering around the world of children. Common childhood health problems, like asthma and broken bones, form the basis of this program. By demystifying the role of health workers, this program aims to reassure children and inspire them to take an active interest in their own health.
Life can be a hazardous journey but there are plenty of trained professionals who help to protect us from both natural and manmade dangers. This program looks at the role of our emergency workers, such as police officers and fire-fighters as well as others who contribute to our safety; such as road workers and air traffic controllers. The use of telephones to access emergency help is demonstrated, as is the importance of keeping a list of emergency telephone numbers near the phone. The program stresses that safety is everyone's responsibility, whether through safe work and play practices or through simply obeying rules.
Who keeps our parks green, our streets clean and our rubbish collected and recycled? This program shows children that they are not alone in their attempts to look after the environment. Gardeners, street sweepers, garbage collectors, recyclers, town planners and park rangers all feature in this behind-the-scenes glimpse at jobs that help to make our environment a better place in which to live. The program suggests what might happen if some of these jobs were not done. The program also illustrates the way we can care for the environment, whether through volunteer projects or just thoughtful lifestyles.
Adventure is often found not in the destination but in the journey. This program looks at the wide variety of people who help us to make that journey, from taxi and bus drivers to ferry and jumbo jet pilots. The program also explains the responsibilities and skills involved in transporting people and investigates the special needs of facilities provided for people with disabilities.

This program is released for non theatrical use within educational, government and business organisations. Additional payments under a Screenrights licence are not required. Please contact us for Exhibition or Streaming Licences.

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4 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $220
Schools $165

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