For the Juniors - Minibeasts

Not only are two cave environments looked at in this program, but also the rainforests outside the wilderness cave and the tourist cave. The progress of experienced caver and entomologist Stefan Eberhard is followed as he progresses into the depths of the wilderness cave and shares his discovery of some of the rare inhabitants. The exploration of a tourist party exploring a tourist cave allows the classroom audience to compare conditions and inhabitants of the two different types of caves.
Bush Pond
An old quarry that fills with rainwater is only a few hundred metres away from a city suburb. Every day people walk past it to exercise dogs, or to enjoy an escape into the bush. Very few stop to look closely at the amazing variety of minibeast life that lives around, in and on the pond: creatures that crawl, run, fly and swim; creatures with different numbers of legs; creatures that feed on each other; and creatures that rely on each other for survival. This program takes time to look closely at the inhabitants of this environment, allowing the audience to make its own observations.
It may appear, at first, that this program is about a guy and two girls who rent an old house in an old suburb. But the program revolves around the lives of the many minibeasts who also live there. The hall spider, the kitchen cockroach, the bedroom beetle, the bathroom scorpion and the house centipede, to name just a few, are very comfortable in such a place. The young man drives an old car - ideal accommodation for the Huntsman spider who enjoys the odd jaunt into the city, but also appreciates the peace and quiet that comes when night falls. Minibeasts in a modern office are nowhere near as fortunate! It's very noisy and there are few good hiding places - practically impossible to take a nap undisturbed. Slater, earwigs and silverfish who end up in modern offices, have none of the 'home comforts' available to many of their mates in other parts of the city and suburbs.
A beach is a place where humans can go to enjoy themselves; to swim, to sunbake, to play games. But it's also a home to many tiny creatures, most of which we never notice. They live in and on the sand, in rock pools, in the water and in the fringe of bush at the back of the beach. The program looks at the variety of life that inhabits the 'miniworlds' that can be found on any beach.

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4 x 15 mins
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