For the Juniors - Human Body

This series introduces the human body and how it works, explores the senses and the role of the brain, the body in action from birth to old age and what we need to do to look after our body so we can grow and continue to function throughout life.
Looking After Your Body
Why does our body need oxygen, food and water to stay alive? Our body has some of its own ways to look after itself, but we need to look after our body as we grow and get old. This includes giving it healthy food, exercise to make our heart muscles strong, wearing appropriate clothing for the seasons to keep us warm, cool or dry and protecting our skin from the sun. What do we do everyday to look after our body.
The Thinking/Feeling Body
The five senses are our contact with the world and can protect us from danger - just like animals. Not everyone has five senses. The program looks at how blind and deaf children can use their other senses to compensate. This program introduces how our brain receives messages from our senses and computes them, then sends messages back to our body to tell it what to do. Our brain also processes and stores the things we see hear, touch, taste, and smell and that's how we learn new things.
Using Your Body
This program focuses on the body in action using its skeleton and muscles from babyhood to old age. Our skeleton has joints so we can move our body into different shapes, but it need muscles to make it move. Children with physical disabilities participate in sport and dance activities. Everybody needs exercise to keep their muscle strong to support their bones. We can all move our muscles and bone to do a variety of physical activities, but we're not good at everything - and that's what makes us different.
The Working Body
This program follows the morning routine of a young boy, and looks at how his body works as a system. He uses his muscles and bones to get out of bed, and as he yawns, the program explains how his lungs, blood and heart work. As he eats his breakfast the program looks at his digestive system and introduces his brain as the control centre of the body to make all these things happen.

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6 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $220
Schools $165

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