For the Juniors - Friendship

This is a dramatised series which raises a variety of personal issues to do with friendship. The same set of characters is used in each of the programs, but each program is self contained.
Making Friends
The Weatherly family is moving house, so Liam, an only child, is confronted with the problem of leaving old friends and making new ones. Liam also has to face the difficulties of going to a new school. He doesn't like the new house as much as the old one. Things are made worse when his first day at school goes wrong. But friendly advice comes from an unexpected direction. He's helped by the next door neighbour, a middle aged woman, who Liam thinks is a bit strange.
Things look up when Liam finds out Andrew, a boy from his class, lives across the road.
Keeping Friends
Andrew comes to stay with Liam overnight. They have a great time and get on extremely well. So well in fact that Liam lets Andrew in on his great secret. Liam has a collection of soft toys, which he keeps hidden in the bottom of his wardrobe. These toys are his secret friends and he talks to them. The next day, after Andrew has gone home, Liam discovers that Bunt is missing. Liam remembers Andrew's interest and suspects that Andrew has taken Bunt. He asks Andrew whether he has seen Bunt and Andrew's reply makes him suspicious.At school the following day, Liam tells one of the other kids that he thinks Andrew is a thief. Andrew hears about this and is furious. In front of a large group of children in the playground, he reveals the secret of Liam's soft toy collection. Liam goes home, to discover that his mother has found Bunt among the sheets in the laundry basket. He wasn't stolen after all. Liam now has to sort out the situation with Andrew.
Losing Friends
WARNING: This program deals with the topic of death. Teachers may choose to preview and do more pre-program preparation than usual. Gus, Liam's best friend from his old school, comes to stay at Liam's house for the first time. Liam introduces Gus to Andrew, his new friend. They don't get on. For Liam and Gus, things have changed. After three months apart from each other, they don't have much to say. It just isn't the same as it used to be. Gus goes home, and Liam plays with Andrew. Liam is called home. He knows something is wrong. His dog, Mog, has been run over and killed. Liam is shocked. The next day he stays home from school keeping to his room and speaking to no-one. Again, help comes from an unexpected direction. Mrs Doran, the woman from next door, has experienced the loss of pets herself and understands how Liam feels.

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Production Year: 
3 x 20 mins
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $132

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