For the Juniors - Food

A four part series on various aspects of food technology.
Cooking Food
This program explores the reasons why we cook food and the ways food changes when cooked. It looks at the evolution of cooking - taking us from early campfires through to the wonder of microwave ovens in a home kitchen. We see how meals are prepared on a large-scale in a commercial kitchen. Children are encouraged to experiment with cooking by seeing their peers busy in the kitchen.
Eating Food
This program is a celebration of the wide variety of food available. It examines why we need to eat and what happens to food when we eat it. A comparison between healthy and unhealthy foods encourages children to make sensible choices. Cultural differences in what we eat are explored. The program also looks why and how different foods have become available in Australia.
Keeping Food
Once we've bought our food - how do we keep it fresh? This program examines a range of practical ways we can keep food from deteriorating. We see where fresh food comes from and explore ways of recognising fresh or spoilt food, using our senses. The program shows the effects of exposing food to moisture and air. It then demonstrates some processes of keeping food, including freezing, canning and drying.
Packaging Food
This program poses the question - why do we package food? It begins with an historical shopping trip where food is purchased without the modern food packaging convenience we have today. It explores how packaging helps to protect our food, prevents contamination and helps keep food fresh. One of the many places we visit is a big commercial bakery where we see how biscuits are packaged to ensure they get to us unbroken. We also explore how packaging can make food easier to use. The program also looks at how we can help the environment by looking at ways of recycling and reusing some different types of packaging.

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4 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $198
Schools $165

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