For the Juniors - Common Senses

A montage of the different human sensory organs, showing how they move; the ways we use them; the ways they help us. Each of the programs follows a standard format, rather like a comic annual or a "Ripping Yarns" type omnibus. Hugh B. Aware: Private Investigator, must solve a problem but the clues involve only one sense. In smell, for instance, all clues relate to the nose alone.
A world without... A segment which examines the implications of living without the use of each of the senses.
Sense song. The words of the song pose questions about each of the senses and the pictures show animals using those senses. By observing animals, we see the senses as survival tools.
Explorer segment. A sequence using special effects and an adventurous story to conduct an expedition around the geography and topography of human sensory organs. This segment is presented so that the identity of the organ is gradually revealed, both to the explorers and to the audience.

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Production Year: 
5 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $220
Schools $176

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