For the Juniors - Celebrations

This six-part series looks at a range of cultural and religious celebrations, with an emphasis on the participation of children in these colourful events.

Achievements are defined as happy events that can take place both in private and public settings. The planning, preparation and staging of a Year Seven graduation party is woven throughout this program. The importance of recognising and celebrating an individual's achievements is explained as we see celebrations ranging from a police graduation parade to the presentation of cub badges and a schools' environment award. As with all the celebration programs, this one shows that a well planned event is an achievement in itself, and remains in our memories long after the streamers have come down.

Carmel is having a birthday party and we join her family as they prepare for the event. The concept of birthdays as an event all of us celebrate on our own particular birth date is explained. We see some popular party games being played, including some from a few different cultures. We explore the history of birthday traditions such as blowing out candles on a cake and making a wish. Through a centegenarian birthday party we see that many people of all ages celebrate the day they were born. A school's centenary celebration is used to show a different kind of birthday.

This program explores the meaning of Christmas and a range of things that people do together. Elements of Christmas celebrations are shown, including sending cards, putting up a Christmas tree and writing a note to Father Christmas. Scenes from a school nativity play help to explain the celebration's religious origins. The program also shows the preparation and sharing of special Christmas foods from a range of cultures.

New Baby
People often celebrate the birth of a new baby in their family. We share in the thoughts of a young boy as he walks through a hospital to meet his new baby sister for the first time. Later we join his family as they bring their new baby home. We see how some different cultures celebrate the arrival of a new baby, from Vietnamese prayers and feasting, to a Catholic christening in a church. The common thread to all these celebrations is that they all share the same purpose - to welcome a baby into a wider community of people who will share in his / her life.

New Year
This program opens with the countdown to the end of a year. Graphics are used to explain the concept of one year ending and another beginning. Children are introduced to the idea that not all people celebrate New Year at the same time. We witness the strict rituals of a Jewish New Year celebration, both inside a synagogue and at home. We experience the unique sights and sounds of a Chinese New Year, from the hypnotic chanting inside a Buddhist temple to the raucous, vibrant dragon dances.

This program concentrates on the different cultural and religious forms a wedding can take, from an outdoor Hindu ceremony to the rich formality of a Greek Orthodox service. We sense the nervousness and excitement as couples prepare for their big day and children participate in the ceremonies.

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6 x 15 mins
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