For the Juniors - Buildings

This five-part series looks at the ways in which buildings are designed for specific purposes. Taking a technology perspective, each program identifies the reasons behind a building's design. Everything from the choice of materials to safety considerations and the need for designs to assist people with disabilities is taken into account. A young girl with a curious toy that comes to life and seeks answers to questions children might ask, features in four of the five programs.

Building a House
This program begins with a montage of the many and varied houses people build and looks at special design features needed in a home for someone in a wheelchair and for a family living in the tropics. Housing of the past is also examined with a visit to a restored 19th century miner's cottage. Running through the program is the construction of a house, from plans on paper to bricks and mortar. A young boy helps to keep us informed about his new home's progress.

Homes on the Moves
This program begins with a family on a camping holiday and then continues to explore different types of accommodation people use when they are on the move, such as swags for stockmen and shelters built by nomadic people. The program joins a couple travelling around Australia in a caravan, takes us on a horse-drawn gypsy caravan plodding a country trail and looks at a houseboat cruising along the River Murray. It concludes with the central family packing up camp and ensuring they leave nothing but footprints.

Shopping Centre
From facilities for delivering goods to features that make cleaning easier, this program shows how a well designed shopping centre meets the needs of people who use it. The program opens with a young girl and her father visiting a major shopping centre for the first time and explores how the centre’s architects took many things into account as they began the design process, such as fire safety features, facilities that help people in wheelchairs, the value of signs and maps and the deliberate use of certain building materials. Information is delivered through conversation between the narrator and the girl’s inquisitive toy, which comes to life after being accidentally left behind in a supermarket.

A young girl finds herself in an ambulance going to a hospital after falling from a tree-house. Her favourite toy goes with her as she has an X-ray and then spends the night in the children’s ward. Along the way her toy comes to life and tours the hospital learning about facilities for gathering and storing patient information, equipment used in a hospital kitchen, features that help prevent the spread of germs and features that assist patient movement around the hospital. It’s not just the people who work in a hospital but also the design of the building that helps with the care of hospital patients.

Tall Buildings
This program explores the reasons why we have tall buildings and some of the problems architects need to solve when designing structures that go up instead of out. A young girl living in an apartment block demonstrates how a garbage chute works and the use of a security intercom system when visitors arrive. Her toy comes to life and explores other parts of the building, from the underground car-park to the rooftop. The toy’s curiosity leads us to the construction site of a multi-storey apartment block and, with the help of graphics, learns what makes the structure strong. The program concludes with the girl telling us some reasons she enjoys living up high.

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5 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $220
Schools $176

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