On the Job

Aimed at Secondary School level we look at a variety of jobs, the skills required, and the process of entering the job market.
The Function Coordinator - The Smooth Operator
One of Australia's biggest growing industries. We follow a functions coordinator at a major interaction conference. We see how his job relies on successful interaction with a big team of other people to ensure the conference runs smoothly.
The Graphic Designer - Creative Computing
A successful graphic designer takes us through the creative and technical aspects of the job. From the energetic creative brain-storming sessions to final design being approved by the client. The program also explores other job options for those with a creative bent.
The Childcare Worker - Patient Playmates
A day in the life of a childcare worker. What does it takes? What career paths does it offer? Are formal qualifications necessary? How is the industry looking in the future and what other jobs are there that involve working with children?
Jobs In The It Industry - All Systems Go!
Who designs all those computer games? Computing jobs don't stop there... the program examines the difference between computer programmers, systems analysts, data processors etc.
Jobs In The Building Industry - Firm Foundations
Is learning a trade a good option? The program looks at how to get into a trade in the building industry.
The Horticulturist - Plant Passion
Another job in the great outdoors! Is it just about growing plants? How good do you need to be at science? And what other job options exist for those seeking environmentally friendly work?
Relevant also for Work and Business Studies, Career Studies
See also the Work and Business Studies subject list and [Eight Days a Week] series.

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6 x 15 mins
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Schools $275

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