Jennifer Byrne Presents Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is a writer and thinker who at just 40 years of age, has lived many lives. Born in Somalia and raised a devout Muslim, Hirsi Ali has since become an active critic of fundamentalist Islam and an advocate for women's rights.
Just 40 years old, she is the dutiful Muslim daughter who was circumcised at the age of five, the young woman who fled from an arranged marriage, the conservative Dutch politician, who collaborated with filmmaker Theo Van Gogh before he was murdered in the street, a death threat to Ali impaled on his chest.
She's been called the bravest woman in the world, also a traitor, a narcissist, a dangerous apostate or infidel, as she titled her best-selling memoir.
She joins Jennifer Byrne to discuss her book Nomad, the follow up to her best-selling memoir Infidel.

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