Like It Is

This series explores issues that concern young people and presents strategies to help them manage their lives in a way that paints adolescence as a positive time, but one that comes with some unique challenges. Interviews and real life situations give the programs meaning, and a music video clip production style helps to engage the audience. Some key skills that are presented and reinforced throughout the series include optimistic self-talk, decision-making, communication skills and help seeking. The programs present the development of these skills as a life long process.
The series has been produced with the assistance of curriculum officers, mental health specialists and target audience focus groups.
Ep 1 - Belonging
Looks at the importance of belonging. It explores what it's like to be excluded, the benefits of feeling connected and presents strategies such as optimistic self-talk, communication skills, including body language, and acceptance, as ways to connect with others and to make other people feel included.
Ep 2 - Feeling good
Looks at self esteem (self worth). It sets up the idea that our self esteem can change, and presents strategies such as optimistic self-talk, identifying personal strengths and help-seeking as ways to keep our self esteem high.
Ep 3 - Where am I going?
Looks at the benefits of goal setting in developing future pathways. It focuses on career goals to demonstrate the power of purpose in providing a focus for skills such as decision-making. It also looks at the advantages of developing transferable skills and encourages the pursuit of rich tasks.
Ep 4 - Friends
Looks at the importance for young people of making and keeping friends. It focuses on the importance of liking yourself first. Skills such as communication, optimistic self-talk and decision-making are presented as strategies for managing friendships.
Ep 5 - More Than Friends
The importance of liking yourself as a prerequisite to entering a relationship is again discussed. The program also explores how to recognise and contribute to a positive relationship and looks at ideas including trust when considering a sexual relationship.
Ep 6 - Managing stress
Looks at some positive and challenging aspects of stress in our lives and explores a range of strategies including optimistic self-talk, humour, exercise and help-seeking as ways to manage stress.
Ep 7 - Managing Change
Explores the idea that change is part of life and that sometimes we can initiate positive changes in our lives. It also looks at loss and grief as features of the more challenging aspects of change, and presents goal setting, communication, help-seeking, and decision-making as strategies to help us manage change.
Ep 8 - Taking risks
Looks at the idea that taking risks is a natural part of growing up and can present positive challenges which test developing coping skills. It explores risk-assessment, decision-making and help-seeking as ways to benefit from risk-taking by reducing the risk factor and minimising harm.
Age Level: Middle Secondary

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8 x 20 mins
Series Episode
Standard $275
Schools $198

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