Inside Out

Documentary-style series of programs focusing on the use of the English language in various contexts and through different texts and for different purposes. Presented by Scott Major, the series encourages students not only to develop a greater critical awareness of the way in which language works in many texts, but also seeks to motivate students to use this knowledge to create their own texts.
Volume 1
Director's Interpretation
Sets out to show how the same text can be interpreted differently by directors making choices about actors, the set or location, costumes etc. Text from William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is interpreted by four directors, including Roman Polanski.
Film Analysis
The aim of this episode is to provide a framework for the analysis of a visual text by looking at how our reading of characters is constructed or influenced by the film maker through choices made involving such things as camera work, editing, dialogue, music and sound effects etc.
Formal Speaking
The aim of this episode is to explore some of the specific skills and techniques, including persuasion, involved in constructing and delivering a formal speech to a particular audience. Comedians Jane Turner and Glynn Nicholas use their comic skills to demonstrate some pitfalls of speech-making to be avoided. Helen Razor, Andrew Denton and Richard Stubbs provide useful advice on overcoming nerves.
This episode looks at the purposes and use of humour in contemporary society, examines how language can be manipulated to achieve particular effects such as humour; and shows how a writer/performer uses knowledge of the audience to create humour. Comedians including Mick Molloy and Helen Razer are interviewed.
Small Group Discussion
In this episode we explore the specific skills and techniques involved in small group discussion, and examine their purposes, relevance and benefits in real life contexts. We hear comments from people skilled at small group discussion, suggesting useful strategies such as maintaining eye contact, using body language, listening and encouraging others to have a say.
Volume 2
This episode explores the song lyrics using contemporary Australian and overseas pop songs, and looks at such things as the segments that make up a song, rhyme, rhythmic pattern, repetition and the use of word imagery such as symbolism and metaphor. Songwriters Nick Barker, Greg Arnold and Christine Anu talk about the sources of their creative inspiration and the process of song writing.
The aim of this episode is to examine the prevalence of symbolism in spoken, written and visual texts. The episode also looks at the ways in which the use of symbols can enrich language texts. The presenter identifies various types of symbols, and reasons are suggested for their popularity. A number of artists and young people are interviewed about the use of symbols that are meaningful to them.
Television Ads
In this episode, the language of persuasion is explored through an analysis of some of the elements used in TV ads to reach and influence their target audience. The program first looks at the purposes of television advertising, then focuses on the audience. People from within the advertising industry, together with people from other points of view, are interviewed throughout this episode.
Television News
This episode examines the way in which a television news bulletin is constructed. It looks at the structure of a typical commercial news bulletin and analyses a typical news story. The program also explores the potential for bias in television news presentation, which may contribute to the way a news item is received by the audience.
Video Clips
How and why video clips are made are discussed in this episode, and students are encouraged to make different readings of what they see. Various students give their reading and interpretations of the Bjork video clip "Army Of Me".

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