How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Kids

This series follows three couples as they make a last-ditch effort to minimise the damage that their divorces are doing to their children. They have all signed up for divorce counselling - American style - where they must learn to love their kids more than they hate their ex. Over six months these divorcing couples must find a way to work together, or risk doing lasting damage to their children.

Episode 1 In this episode, court-appointed divorce counsellor Christina McGhee arrives from Texas to meet the families on their home turf. Her first job is to teach one couple the right way to tell their two children that they are about to get divorced.

Episode 2 In episode 2, the divorcing parents travel with their kids to Houston, Texas. There they attend an intensive course run by court-appointed divorce counsellor Christina McGhee, aimed at teaching them how to put the anger, upset and bitterness at the ending of their marriages to one side, and concentrate solely on the needs of their children.

Episode 3 The three families in the throes of divorce return home to try and put in to practice all that they have learned about how to minimise the damage that their separations are doing to their children. The families try to live by their new rules, but it's hard going with each repeatedly taking two steps forward and one step back. Gradually though, the parents change and their kids realise that even though their parents no longer love each other, they still love them.

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3 x 47 mins
Series Episode
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