From the Heart series 1

Six half-hour programs produced from the best natural history archives. Using stunning film images coupled with classical music, we explore six areas of Australia through the eyes of those who know it best - people who have lived or worked in the area most of their lives. Their personal recollections provide us with the unique narration for the films.
Ep 1 - Kakadu (Park Rangers Greg Miles and Ian Morris)
These two park rangers are legend in the Top End. They have been friends and rangers in Kakadu since its earliest days as a rough outback camp. The problem is, they can't agree if it's still safe to swim in the East Alligator River. Speaking from the heart, their stories and humour bring one of the world's great national parks to life.
Ep 2 - The Reef (Marine Biologist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Diver Sally Gregory)
Explore the wonder of The Great Barrier Reef with a fresh perspective and be introduced to a magical underwater world few people get to see.
Ep 3 - Antarctica (Biologists Graham Robertson and Barbara Wienecke)
The series will allow audiences to tour regions of Australia as diverse as the vast sandy deserts that cover around two-thirds of our island to the depths of Antarctica, from the breathtaking Top End of Australia to the South-eastern corner, and the unique environment of Western Australia to the rainforests and teaming seas of the east Coast.
Ep 4 - The West (Artist Phillipa Nikulinsky and Botanist Stephen Hopper)
The West is a stunning mix of visual, emotional and scientific responses to the landscape of Western Australia. Take an intimate journey through this dramatic countryside - from the spectacular wildflower country of the south right up to the remarkable and rugged Kimberley region of the tropical north.
Ep 5 - The High Country (Alpine Ecologists Ken Green and Glenn Sanecki)
If you ski downhill in the Australian Alps, you see little of the winter wilderness. But out there is where the animals of our hot, dry continent try to hop on, or live under the soft snow. Ken Green has spent hundreds of nights in that wilderness finding out just how these animals cope under the snow and ice.
Ep 6 - Inland Australia (Ecologist Steve Morton)
Steve Morton fell in love as a teenager with the shimmering gibber plains of Australia';s inland. After a lifelong passion, he speaks from the heart about his moments of revelation and his triumphs of discovery, and the simple realisation that we have more 'piss ants' than anywhere else on Earth.

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6 x 27 mins
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