The Guitar Age

Described as a master technician, Ike Isaacs was the dominant guitarist in English jazz until the mid-1970s. He played with all the greats, including a 2 year world tour with Stephane Grapelli, and this film includes a rare clip of Ike and Grapelli together. For the last fifteen years of his life Ike lived and taught in Sydney and became a much loved member of the Sydney jazz community. This documentary is an intimate and emotional portrait of Ike in the last year of his life in Sydney surrounded by many of his friends - including some of Australia's finest jazz musicians, George Golla, Ian Date and Madeleine Young. The documentary is remarkable for its number of performance segments - from the humble lounge room duo between Ike and George Golla to a 5 guitar concert in the Basement.

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Production Year: 
30 mins
Series Episode
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