Growing Up Gayby (Opening Shot)

Directed by Maya Newell, Growing up Gayby follows director Maya Newell who was raised by two mothers, and charts her journey as she explores the impact of gay parenting.

Often the biggest concern opponents have about same-sex marriage is the idea that if we allow it, same-sex couples will start having kids. But would those children turn out OK? This documentary highlights the fact that same-sex parenting is nothing new – kids have been raised by same-sex couple for generations.

Newell should know – she’s one of those very children. In the wake of the ‘hysteria’ surrounding marriage equality, she decided it was time to speak to other kids of same-sex couples like her, to find out what kind of impact having gay parents might have on a child. The young director tackles the hard questions, discussing various topics with young and old “Gayby” kids, and facing some of the country’s fiercest critics of same-sex marriage including NSW MP Fred Nile. She also takes a journey into her own past to really find out what it means to be Growing Up Gayby.

OPENING SHOTis an initiative between Screen Australian and ABC TV that gives voice to a new generation of filmmakers - with stories to match. Filmmaking teams, all with a director under 35 years, have been given the opportunity to create a prime time half hour film that not only develops their long form filmmaking skills but also fires an (opening) shot in to the national conversation about Australia today.

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