Gough Whitlam State Memorial Service

DVD copies of the State Memorial Service for Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam are available through ABC Library Sales.

Six former prime ministers and current leader Tony Abbott joined the capacity crowd of almost 2,000 at the Sydney Town Hall and many of the surrounding streets overflowed with people.

The Sydney Philharmonic Choir and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra provided music throughout the service, while Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody performed From Little Things Big Things Grow, a song that tells the story of Gurindji man and Aboriginal rights activist Vincent Lingari and the creation of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act in 1976.

Indigenous leader Noel Pearson listed Mr Whitlam's achievements while in office. Other speakers included Academy Award-winning actor Cate Blanchett, Mr Whitlam's speechwriter Graham Freudenberg, Labor senator John Faulkner and Antony Whitlam QC, Mr Whitlam's eldest son. The Master of Ceremonies was Kerry O'Brien.

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