George Negus Tonight - Malcolm Fraser

This is one man, many Australians still blame for one of the most divisive episodes in this country's political history - the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor government on November 11, back in 1975. A month or so after that dramatic day, Victorian grazier Malcolm Fraser was swept to power with a huge majority and remained prime minister of this country for eight years. But will we ever forget the colourful oratory of the time, famously epitomised by E.G. Whitlam's dubbing of Malcolm Fraser as "Kerr's cur"?
As we'll discover in this segment of George Negus Tonight, there's far more to the leader of the infamous economic razor gang of the late '70s and early '80s than we might have appreciated back then. Since he retired from politics, this ideologically intriguing man has been championing the rights of the underdog around the world. Indeed, as a founding member of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, he played a huge role in dismantling apartheid in South Africa and the release from prison of Nelson Mandela.

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