George Negus Tonight - Carl Wood

Tens of thousands of Australian parents regard Professor Carl Wood as a miracle worker. But he's also been tagged with the double-edged epithet, 'the godfather of IVF' - the process where female eggs are fertilised outside the body and the resulting embryos planted in the womb of the mother.
Twenty-five years ago, Professor Wood pioneered this radical and contentious method of reproduction. At the time, it incensed moral crusaders, many of whom accused him of playing God. Even within his own profession, he received plenty of stick. Not to be deterred, he became the rational mouthpiece of the IVF cause. He persevered, he persisted and eventually achieved his goal of bringing joy into the lives and homes of infertile couples.
Today Carl Wood faces another medical battle - his own. He's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, a condition that, as you will see, is unfortunately affecting his brilliantly original mind. We'll talk with Carl, his first wife and now his main carer, Judith, in a moment, and later we'll be joined by Dr Mark Yates, a friend and leading authority on Alzheimer's.
First, though, how did Carl Wood become a gynaecologist in the first place, and why reproduction became his passion. And for those of you who may be wondering about our motivation, Carl and Judith contacted us with the idea of doing this profile. They thought it could be of use to other Australian Alzheimer's sufferers.

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