George Negus Tonight - Amanda Vanstone

Since winning a South Australian Senate seat back in 1984, her less-than-shrinking-violet personality and style have certainly added plenty of colour to the often dowdy and grey landscape of Australian political life.
Twelve years languishing on the Opposition benches made Senator Amanda Vanstone even more determined to make her kind of difference. And since the Howard Government's victory in 1996, her distinctive political voice has been heard loud, clear and often on a range of thorny issues - drugs, education, social welfare, refugees, detention centres, ATSIC - you name it.
Some see her as brash, blunt and bullying but her supporters applaud her as forthright, gutsy and honest. Whatever your take on her style versus her substance, no-one could deny Senator Vanstone's commitment to strongly-held beliefs, political or otherwise. We talk to the Senator about just what those beliefs are and where her capacity and desire to argue the toss had their origins.

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