Geoffrey Robertson's Hypotheticals

Geoffrey Robertson, QC, hosts and orchestrates a series of discussions on social issues, using a "hypothetical" format - i.e., an imaginary situation is created, and a selected panel of experts discusses its ramifications. Subjects range from the drug problem to environmental issues. Guest panellists throughout the series include politicians, doctors, members of the legal profession and such well-known personalities as Dick Smith, actress Robyn Archer, environmentalists Norm Sanders and Bob Brown, Ita Buttrose, radio personality Alan Jones, singer Neil Finn and Aboriginal activist Michael Mansell.

Affairs of the Heart
Are we, as individuals, ultimately responsible for our own health, or has the right to determine our medical future been assumed by doctors, lawyers, ethics committees? Panellists: Su Cruickshank, Ita Buttrose, Dr Robert Hodge (Director National Heart Foundation) and more.

All in the Family
Behind respectable brick veneers lie alarming statistics of child sexual abuse, dilemmas created by the need to uncover this social evil are debated by lawyers, doctors, social workers etc., while at the same time respecting the rights of possibly-innocent parents. When should the State intervene to remove a child from parents, on mere suspicion of sexual abuse? Panellists: Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Len Archer (Refuge worker), Dr John Birrell (former police surgeon), Kathy Lette and more.

All in the Same Boat
'All in the Same Boat' asks how our policy makers, lawyers, judges and administrators are responding to the rich cultural diversity of Australia in the 1990s. Panellists include: Sir James Gobbo, David Lange, Sir Peter Abeles, John Howard, Senator Bill O'Chee, Hanifa Dean-Oswald, Nada Roude, Joseph Skvorecky, Prof.Lauchlan Chipman

The Angel's Advocate
Australia's top lawyers wrestle with tough ethical dilemmas in a celebrated "murder trial".

The Battle of Blind Man's Bluff
Recorded in the Convention Centre of Wrest Point Hotel-Casino, Hobart, before an audience at the Australian Teachers of Media Conference. An imaginary Australian state, Vandemonia, faces choices over the conservation of its past, and the securing of its economic and environmental future. Mineral wealth, jobs and tourism pose problems for flora, fauna and Aboriginal culture when a priceless source of Krytonite is found at Blind Man's Bluff, the site of the Vandemonian Aborigines site. Can a sensitive road be built through the surrounding wilderness? And how should the conflicting interests be valued and balanced? Panellists include: Sir Charles Court, Don Dunstan, Gareth Evans, Wendy Machin, Senator Norm Sanders, Bob Brown, Barry Coulter, Don Zimmerman, Joe Fisher, Lachlan McIntosh, Francis James, Justice Murray Wilcox, Garry Weaver, Michael Mansell, Patsy Adam-Smith, Robyn Archer.

Beggar Thy Neighbour
This Hypothetical discusses foreign aid issues in the country of "Insomnia", ruled by "President Gung Ho".  Should Australia give aid to brutal dictatorships?  Should we refuse defence contracts if the seapons are used to crush democratic rebellions?  Should we buy non-bleached, non-rainforest toilet paper? Panellists Include  DR. TIMOCI BAVADRA (Former Prime Minister Fiji), GORDON BILNEY (former diplomat), JOHN CLARK (UK aid group), JUSTICE MARCUS EINFELD (Human Rights Commission), GARETH EVANS (FA Minister), NEIL FINN (Lead singer 'Crowded House'), GARY FOLEY (Activist), RUSSELL GYNMORE (BHP Business Development), ROBERT HILL (Shadow FA), JOHN HOLSEN (World Bank), HELEN HUGHES (ANU), PETER HASTINGS (Foreign correspondent SMH), ALAN JONES (radio broadcaster), FATHER SEAN MCDONAGH (Philippines mission), WENDY POUSSARD (Women's Devt. Agency), RUSSELL ROLLASON (Aust.Cncl for Overseas Aid), KARPAL SINGH (Malaysian lawyer), DAVID TOTHILL (Sth African Ambassador)

Blood on the Wattle

Does Dracula Have Aids
AIDS is the most publicised and least understood disease in Australia. This program may help to clear up some of the confusion, as the discoverer of the AIDS virus, Professor Luc Montagnier and the head of the Australian Task Force join Australia's most experienced AIDS specialists and community leaders to confront the ethical and social dilemas created by the disease.

Room At the Top
This Hypothetical analyses the business of management in Australia:  Is it any good?  Are the managers the right people for the job?  Are industrial secrets ethical?  How much do you pay for executive bathrooms and for your competitor's confidential memos? Panellists Include Tas Bull, Charles Copeman, Peter Costello, Rosalene Glickman, John Halfpenny, Ros Kelly,  Justice J.T. Ludke, Sir Eric Neal, Alex Pucci, Brad Roberts, Parke-Davis, John Sprouster, Yoshio Sugimot, Wilson Tuckey, Glenn Wheatley, Keith Williams, Colin Wilson.

Till Divorce Us Do Part
Judges, QC's, solicitors and others debate the dilemmas confronting a couple going through divorce.

Unto Us A Child Is Born
Australia's leading moralists, lawyers and doctors are challenged to indicate the decisions they would make in their professional roles, were they faced with the dilemmas already arising in Australian society as a result of current developments in In Vitro Fertilisation.

What's Your Poison
Geoffrey Robertson confronts a panel of well-known Australians with questions relating to drugs and drug abuse. Filmed at Sutherland Entertainment Centre, Sydney

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