Gardening Australia - Creating a School Garden

The Swan Valley, north east of Perth, is a productive area with orchards and vineyards. But as the suburbs expand, houses, shops and schools are also part of the landscape. The Swan Valley Anglican Community School has plans to make its own grounds productive once again.
It means starting from scratch. Right now the area is just a stretch of sand, but by the end of the year there will be vegies, herbs, fruit trees, chooks and even a wetland. The students are going to help transform a barren block into a productive garden.
It will take pride of place at the heart of the campus and be a wonderful facility for students to get hands on experience in nurturing plants, animals and growing their own organic food.
The soil is terrible so it will need building up, and it's also an exposed site so this will need to be overcome by planting windbreaks. It's the students' garden so it's important to find out what they want so they can experience the pleasure of growing and eating their favourite fruit and vegies. They'll be helping with planting and maintenance of the garden.

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