The Future Eaters

Australians are eating themselves out of house and home, destroying and squandering precious resources to a point where our lifestyles and our very survival are at stake - and it is a pattern that has been recurring for millennia. This provocative three part ecological history of Australasia based on Tim Flannery's best selling book of the same name.

Episode 1 - Taming the Fire (40 000 - 60 000 years ago) Who or what killed off Australia's megafauna, the giant marsupials that roamed the continent before humans arrived here? Dr Tim Flannery believes that they were wiped out by the first wave of future eaters, the Aboriginals, when they first arrived here 40-60,000 years ago; the extinctions were the catalyst for environmental meltdown, from which the Aborigines made a triumphant recovery.

Episode 2 - Nomads of the Wind (1000 - 5000 years ago) In New Zealand it took less than 1000 years for the Maoris to complete a full cycle of future eating. The primeval forests were home to many unique creatures which they devoured to extinction, including the giant 3 metre high flightless bird, the moa. They rapidly depleted the marine life until they no longer had enough to eat. The result was war - war over resources, followed by conservation measures to preserve food sources, some of which continue to this day.

Episode 3 - Eating the Future (last 200 years) The European colonisation of the new lands brought the third and most damaging wave of future eating. European farming methods and the introduction of feral creatures had a catastrophic effect on our local eco systems: the extinction of many native fauna and irreversible damage to much of Australia's land. Our destiny depends on breaking the cycle of future eating.

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