Frontline Management

Introduction to Frontline Management
Frontline managers can be found in many different work positions and job titles: team leaders, supervisors, leading hands, unit managers or coordinators, each with responsibility for leading a team towards workplace objectives.
By managing priorites, being a good role model, monitoring work performance as well as communicating decisions and requests clearly and openly, the frontline manager will achieve high performance and productivity.
Looks at how the frontline manager can use team members talents effectively and by supporting, coaching and encouraging them in their work, build commitment to company goals.
Workplace Processes
This program focuses on the importance of establishing objectives, gathering the right resources, as well as how to plan, schedule, monitor , evaluate and continuously improve projects or processes.
Managing Performance
How the frontline manager identifies and solves problems. How they make sure that individual expectations are clearly defined and that progress towards goals is monitored.
The Change Process
The frontline manager plays a key role in facilitating change within an organisation. This program looks at how the frontline manager can take an active role in planning for change, lead a team through transition and ease organisational alignment through better communication.

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