Four Corners - Where are they now?

The story of the families who fled the killing fields of Cambodia to find safety in Australia, revisited nearly 25 years on. What are they doing? Did they find a home? And what does their experience tell us about the current debate over refugee arrivals?
Now with the debate over refugees once again taking centre stage, Four Corners revisits the families to find out how their lives have turned out. We hear how they have struggled to come to terms with a new country that was not always welcoming. Some tell how they married, had children; some began businesses that succeeded, others went bust and even lost their homes. The families also talk about the stresses that developed between the generations that came to Australia and the children who were born here. Despite this, the program shows that the next generation seems to have adjusted well to a new society. Many have found success here, and their parents make it clear how grateful they are to have found a home in Australia.
Stepping back from the deeply personal insights each person gives, for anyone forming a successful immigration and refugee policy, there are clear lessons. Giving refuge is one thing, but helping people find a new homeland requires care, understanding and resources.

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Production Year: 
45 mins
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $88

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