Four Corners - Two Days in Hell

They had been warned, they thought they had made the necessary preparations but nothing could prepare the people of Victoria for the fireball that swept through their state. How did it happen? What were the conditions really like that day? And what happened to the preparations so carefully made?
It's been called the garden state but Victorians fell victim to the worst fires in recent history. What no-one has been able to do so far is to detail how the crisis unfolded. What were the turning points that led to this disaster? Four Corners details those two crucial days from the evening of Friday 6th to Sunday 8th February. Talking with survivors, fire-fighters, forecasters and doctors... the program pieces together the warnings, the preparations and the reactions of those people on the ground as the fires began to break out.
The program goes on to detail stories of survival and loss, at the same time trying to understand how despite the warnings people were still unable to defend themselves.
A Royal Commission has been set up to try and explain why so many people could die in such a short space of time. For now though we have only the first hand testimony of people who were there, who saw the fires take hold and those who fought for their homes or ran before the onslaught.

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45 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $88

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