Four Corners - Surviving Survival

Every year about 75,000 Australians hear the dreaded diagnosis: they have cancer. The good news is that these days most people beat the disease.
But pioneering research shows that for many people, surviving cancer can be just the beginning of a process that is more difficult and more painful than the illness itself.
Until now, few had imagined that surviving cancer could be an experience comparable to surviving war or natural disaster.
"There are a lot of survivors out there who are leading extraordinarily rich, maybe greatly enriched lives, beyond what they were before. But there are also a large number of survivors out there who are leading lives that are full of stress," says research leader Professor Miles Little.
Survivors may find their relationships fall apart. Some feel enormous guilt for having survived while others did not. They may live in constant fear of recurrence. They are saddled with stigma and may face discrimination in the workplace. Two couples and three single young women - cancer survivors and their loved ones -courageously told Four Corners of their experiences and innermost thoughts.

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