Four Corners - Return to Aurukun

A story that tells the latest chapter in the life of a remarkable community that has battled with missionaries, governments and the horrors of alcohol abuse.
The story of Aurukun reveals the evolution of Indigenous affairs across the country, acting as a testing ground for major policy changes. It was 1978 when Four Corners first visited Aurukun on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. It found a community free from missionary oversight, battling for land rights and self determination.
Thirteen years later the people there may have been on the road to greater independence but they were losing the battle with the bottle. Alcoholism, violence and abuse were rife. Aurukun had one of the worst murder rates in the world. Now, in the first of Four Corners' 50th Anniversary programs, reporter Matthew Carney goes back to this isolated community and gets exclusive access to the people at the heart of the radical reform process, aimed at making future generations strong again.

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