Four Corners - Pakistan on the Brink

Talk to any major western leader and they will tell you Pakistan is a key ally in the war on terror. If that's true the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had some bad news for his strategic partners. He told the world his police force and army has been unable to control Islamic extremists in his country, warning Pakistan had under-estimated the strength of the Taliban.
To judge just how bad the situation really is reporter Matthew Carney has travelled to key areas of Pakistan, teaming up with a senior local journalist to investigate the Taliban's expanding reign of terror.
For much of the past half century Pakistan has seen its major enemy in its region as India. Not anymore. Now it's clear the biggest threat facing Pakistan comes from within. In the past the Taliban and al Qaeda forces have used mountain bases in the north of the country to conduct a campaign of terror. That campaign involves assassinations, bombings, beatings and the punishment of anyone who does not obey extremist decrees.
The North Western region is not the only area under threat though. Now the Taliban has broken out of its strong -holds in an attempt to take over the country. But what is even more worrying is the Taliban's infiltration of Pakistan's biggest cities. Matthew Carney found the capital Islamabad a barricaded city. It is now considered more dangerous than Baghdad. In the huge port city of Karachi its slums have become a breeding ground for Taliban recruits. It was from here that the Mumbai terrorists boarded a boat to launch their killing spree.

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