Four Corners - Hidden Army, The

If you haven't already looked after a loved one who is frail, ill or disabled, there's a fair chance that, someday, you will. About 2.5 million Australians now care for another family member or friend, at least for some of the time.
Nearly 500,000 of these people are so-called primary carers. They cannot get a "proper" job because they are on call nearly every minute of every day. They want to look after their loved ones at home for as long as possible. But it's a relentless struggle to get the help they need. Eventually, many surrender, placing family members in nursing homes or other types of formal care.
These are Australia's hidden army of carers. By some estimates their dedication saves the economy about $20 billion a year. Most primary carers report getting by on less than $200 a week.
Four Corners looks into the world of the carer – the fear and insecurity, the frustrations, failures and rewards - through four stories of love and devotion.

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45 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $88

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