Four Corners - Eye of the Storm

This episode focuses on the town of Marysville, 95 kilometres north of Melbourne. Thirty four men, women and children lost their lives in a fire that police now believe was deliberately lit.
In an attempt to understand how the people of the town were trapped the program traces the fire from the place where it began, talking to the people who fought it, charted its course and those who tried to marshal the town's defences against the all-consuming blaze.
Many paid a terrible price. Bruce and Elaine Jefferson lost their only daughter, Nicole, eight and a half months pregnant with her first child, when she was overtaken by the fire. Bruce and Elaine Jefferson want to know why there was no order given for a forced evacuation, given the unprecedented conditions of the day. In the end no one in Marysville escaped the inferno untouched. For those that were burned or injured the wounds might heal. For those who lost family, friends and neighbours, the healing process will take much longer. But as the Bushfire Captain, Glen Fiske,told Liz Jackson the town must revive.
As the Royal Commission struggles to digest the hundreds of submissions, Four Corners tells the story of a small group of people in a small town who were in the "Eye of the Storm".

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Production Year: 
45 mins
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $88

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