Four Corners - City Limits

Australia is in the midst of a water crisis ... no longer is this a story of drought in the bush – it’s reached right into our city suburbs. If there is no big rain and nothing is done, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide will be out of water by December 2006. We all know about water restrictions but restrictions are no longer enough. With exploding urban populations, we are guzzling and wasting precious drinking water. Millions of litres of highly treated precious drinking water go on gardens and to industry every year. Many more millions go out to sea as storm water and treated sewage water.
State governments and their water corporations around Australia have been aware for a long time that a crisis has been coming. Now we are at crunch time. Ticky Fullerton, Four Corners reporter and author of "Watershed", asks whether the political will exists to make the tough decisions needed to get the water working in each of our cities – especially when hundreds of millions of dollars are made for governments by selling as much water as possible to the public. Fixing the problem could mean multi-million dollar investments, recycling sewage water and big changes to how much we pay for our water.

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