Four Corners - Business of Change

It's part of a service industries revolution that's sweeping workplaces, based on the old notion that time is money. In practice it means introducing scientific systems to every workplace - even to our private lives - measuring results against time. The service industries' rapid growth has soaked up unemployment; it's claimed the sector now accounts for up to 70 per cent of jobs in Australia.
At the forefront of change are call centres. They are rapidly supplanting corporate switchboards and now employ 160,000 Australians. Meanwhile individuals are being told to reorganise their lives to better use their dwindling spare time (the promise that technology would give us more leisure time has proved elusive). We outsource our house cleaning; increasingly we pay people to walk our dogs. Australians now reportedly spend $39 billion a year on household services.
"In the next 20 to 30 years the term employees will disappear; we'll all be business people in our own right" one expert tells 4 Corners reporter Tony Barrell. Behind the change are the people who teach it - gurus who have become an industry in their own right. They sell their services as business coaches, or as "life coaches" to individuals wanting more out of life. Meet the life coaches and their clients, the dog walkers, the house minders and the call centre operators. And find out why good service can be so hard to find in this era of the service industry when 4 Corners looks behind "The Business of Change".

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