Four Corners - Bullies' Playground, The

Children across Australia talk about the alarming impact of bullying on their lives. Despite major efforts from governments, schools and teachers, bullying remains an intractable problem made worse by modern technology. Once it was fists, rocks and personal abuse - now bullies have the net, mobile phones and Facebook as their playgrounds for brutality. This isn't just concerning - it can be lethal, as reporter Quentin McDermott reveals.
"I would like someone to take the lead on what I consider to be the most important public health issue impacting on adolescent mental health in Australia today." Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
If you talk to the experts there's little doubt bullying is a problem that won't go away. Governments have invested tens of millions of dollars trying to stop it but often their efforts to curb the problem seem simplistic and ineffectual. Now, in an attempt to assess the problem from the inside out, Four Corners has spoken to children who have been bullied and those that do the bullying.

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