Four Corners - Battling the Booze

Through trauma and sickness alcohol kills more than 3000 Australians and hospitalises 70,000 annually. Four Corners gains a personal insight into Australia's neglected drinking problem by following three hard drinkers over several months as they battle to stay sober.
Natalie is in and out of rehab, AA and hospital. She would binge for up to six days until her body seized up. Ian is usually the life of the party, drinking up to three bottles of wine a night, but wants to stop drinking on his own, without resorting to any structured program. Phil quit drinking last September and now he revels in the challenge of staying dry. He is taking prescription drugs to stop cravings and attending a recovery program.
Do these drinkers need to stop drinking entirely? What about strategies like controlled drinking? Four Corners reporter Janine Cohen explores whether it's a cop-out or a cure. And what is the consequence of doing nothing? Former truck driver Wayne Jackson knew drink was killing him but he just couldn't stop; he died on the kitchen floor. His family bravely describes his decline and the dreadful impact of losing a loving father and husband to alcohol.
"Battling the Booze" conveys the enormity of the challenge facing those who have fallen into alcohol's trap.

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Production Year: 
45 mins
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $88

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