Four Corners - Against the Wind

For some time now, people forced to live close to wind farms have expressed concern that the noise from the turbines is affecting their health. They say the machines have destroyed their lives, causing headaches, high blood pressure and nausea. Four Corners goes to several wind-farming hot-spots across Australia to meet the people who claim they are simply collateral damage as the nation scrambles to embrace renewable energy.
A recent Federal Government committee looking into health concerns relating to wind turbines, found that it didn't believe there was sufficient scientific research to make clear connections between poor health and the turbines, and that more research was needed. However, Four Corners has now been made aware of new comparative research that looks at health-related data for people living near wind farms and those living away from them. The research is sure to become a key source of information as local communities, councils and governments make decisions about the location of wind farms in the future.

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45 mins
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