Food for Thought

This series for secondary school students explores the technology and science behind our food supply. Young presenters guide viewers through recent technological advances in food cultivation, processing and packaging, as well as the latest nutritional and food handling advice.
Volume 1
Ep 1 - The Quick Fix - The Convenience Foods
This program examines the evolution of the convenience food industry, from basic cake mixes to complete heat-and-eat meals.
Ep 2 - Food Therapy - Functional Foods
In this program, the boom in so-called "functional foods", such as folate-enriched breakfast cereals, calcium-enriched milk and vitamin-enriched fruit juices is explored.
Ep 3 - Fats - Friends or Foes?
Clear graphics illustrate the differences between saturated and unsaturated fats, in terms of both their chemical structure and their impact on health, help to explain and how the body uses and stores fat, and how diets high in saturated fats can cause cardiovascular diseases.
Volume 2
Ep 4 - Wild Tucker - Australia's Indigenous Foods
This program explains the traditional uses of indigenous foods and how the more adventurous cooks among us are combining them into modern meals.
Ep 5 - Redesigning Nature - Gene Technology
This program explores both sides of this controversial debate as it highlights specific ways in which genes have been manipulated to alter a plant or animal’s characteristics.
Ep 6 - Eating Green - environmentally friendly food
This program presents students with the information to make informed choices. In a trip to a market to buy ingredients for a meal that is nutritious and environmentally friendly, methods of production and other factors that affect the environment are discussed. Nutrition, organic farming, genetic engineering and packaging are covered.
Volume 3
Ep 7 - Under Cover - Packaging Food
This program explores some of the latest innovations in food packaging, and examines the factors driving these changes. Packaging that extends a food's shelf life without relying on artificial preservatives, containers that can be easily opened, and mechanisms designed to protect certain foods from deliberate tampering are discussed.
Ep 8 - Good Enough to Eat - Developing Food Products
This program investigates the process involved in developing a new food product, a snack sized chocolate cake bar. It follows the steps taken to meet the brief's criteria, joining the process at the initial design brief discussion between the food technologists.
Ep 9 - The Hard Sell - Marketing Food
This program explores the marketing of the snack-sized chocolate cake bar in the months before and after its release. The viewer learns about the challenges facing food marketers, all vying for a slice of consumers' attention and spending and the reliance on sound market research, the identification of competitor products and the need to establish points of difference.
Ep 10 - At Your Service - Food Catering
How do you cater for thousands of people at an outdoor event whilst maintaining high food quality and safety standards? The role technology plays during the lead-up to the event, both in the office and in the kitchen is examined.

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