Felicity's Mental Mission

In Felicity's Mental Mission, comedian Felicity Ward takes up the challenge of breaking down the stigma around mental health. It's a subject that Felicity feels well equipped to explore €“ she lives with anxiety and a few years ago it was the subject of her comedy show Honestly. Felicity is therefore well aware of the challenges that must be overcome for people living with mental health problems, such as how hard it is to perform every day tasks or how your family and friends sometimes don't understand how to help.

Along the way, Felicity meets with musician Missy Higgins and rapper 360, to discuss their experiences of mental illness. We witness how anxiety affects Felicity first hand with the filming of Felicity's Mental Mission taking place in the middle of her hectic national comedy tour. Felicity also participates in some of the latest research around mental illness when she visits Headspace, the Black Dog Institute and Professor Patrick McGorry from Orygen Youth Health.

Intercut with Felicity's stand up comedy performances and a diary cam that tracks her own levels of anxiety, Felicity's Mental Mission is an entertaining, candid and thought-provoking journey into the world of mental health.

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