Face Painting with Bill Leak

As with any portrait, the first thing an artist must do is find the soul of the subject. Face Painting follows Bill through this process of discovery each week as he attempts to find the real person he's about to commit to canvas. The one thing they all have in common... they are no longer with us.
Pro Hart
Looking more at home down a mine than in an artist's studio was just one of the countless eccentricities of Pro Hart. Despite his often unconventional approach to art, he was very much a conservative man who loved to believe in conspiracy theories. He was also a devout Christian and held firm views on the way life was meant to be lived.
Understanding these aspects of Pro the person is essential to capturing his true image. To put us in the picture we talk with his wife and son, his lifelong artist mate, and also the ordinary folk who revered him in his treasured hometown of Broken Hill.
Tilly Devine
We use police mug-shots and newspaper articles as the references to create a portrait of this very colourful lady. Her great niece will fill in the personal profile, her biographer the facts and places she frequented, whilst artist Camilla Connolly who has painted a Tilly Devine series, will share her experience of a parallel life to Tilly's as a former Kings Cross working girl.
Andrew "Boy" Charlton
In the summer of 1924, at the age of 16, Andrew Charlton raced and comprehensively beat the then swimming world champion Arne Borg at Sydney's Domain Baths. A young country finally had a world sporting hero to call their own - a 'boy' wonder of the pool. But embarrassed by the adulation, he turned his back on fame to become a jackeroo and realise his dream of being a man of the land.
Through family interviews, historic Newsreel footage and the intimate findings of his biographer, we uncover the soul of this extraordinary but simple man to paint a portrait that reflects his superhuman physique, yet humble inner self.

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