Exposed - The Case of Keli Lane

As far as mysteries go, the story of Keli Lane is in a league of its own. Over three 1-hour episodes, Keli Lane’s story will be the first to be featured in an exciting new strand of investigative journalism; an ambitious long form ABC TV series with an innovative digital strategy designed to set audiences alight. Exposed is an original approach to investigative journalism within a documentary format. The Case of Keli Lane is the stranger than fiction saga of a young sports star from Sydney’s northern beaches convicted of a terrible crime: the murder of her two-day old baby, Tegan, on September 14, 1996.


The prosecution argued Keli Lane, who at the time of baby Tegan’s birth was aged 21, had killed her newborn daughter because having a child would have interfered with her goal to play water polo for Australia at the 2000 Olympic Games. It was argued Keli Lane disposed of Tegan’s body within a matter of hours after leaving hospital to attend a friend’s wedding that same afternoon. Incredibly, Keli Lane managed to conceal her pregnancy and the birth, keeping it a secret from family, friends, and even her boyfriend. All claim they had no idea she was pregnant. She even played competitive water polo throughout the pregnancy. Although the prosecution case was entirely circumstantial, Keli Lane’s silence and elaborate lies were enough to put her behind bars. She lied about not one but three secret babies born within five years. She lied about who’d fathered her children. She lied about her family circumstances. She lied about her life. But do lies make you a murderer?


Twenty-one years after Tegan vanished, leading investigative journalist Caro Meldrum-Hanna (nickname NSU, No Stone Unturned), unexpectedly receives a letter from Keli Lane, who is currently serving an 18-year jail term for the murder of baby Tegan. After watching Caro’s Four Corners programs in prison, Keli decides to put pen to paper. Over the years Keli Lane has steadfastly maintained her innocence, sticking to her story that she gave Tegan to the baby’s father, a man named Andrew Norris with whom she had a brief affair. Having exhausted all avenues of appeal, Keli wants her case re-examined by way of a judicial review and has asked Caro to investigate her story. Assisted by investigative journalist Elise Worthington, Caro sets out to shed new light on the mystery of Tegan’s disappearance but it’s a mission fraught with danger. After all, Keli has been revealed as a serial liar. What dark secrets is she still keeping? Who is she protecting? Is Tegan dead or could she be alive? Could Keli be telling the truth? In the absence of a body, a murder weapon, forensic evidence, and any witnesses, could Keli Lane’s trial amount to a miscarriage of justice? Throughout the series Caro and Elise will revisit key people in Keli’s life and track down new witnesses, revealing new information that has never made it into the public domain. We hear from her parents, her school friends, water polo teammates, her coaches, doctors, police, lawyers and the trial judge. As the journalists piece together the story from the Exposed HQ, her war room known as ‘The Cradle of Filth’’, a very different picture of Keli Lane to the one Australia currently understands will emerge. As the series hurtles towards its suspenseful conclusion, the audience will be privy to the inner workings of the investigation as Caro becomes a character in her own heart-stopping search for the truth. Strap yourself in for the ride.

In the wake of this program 'Exposed' the New South Wales Department of Justice is considering a petition to review the trial and conviction of Keli Lane for murder. The petition is being led by the RMIT's Innocence Initiative, which believes the case against Lane was a miscarriage of justice. There is more updated material relating to this petition compiled after the broadcast of the original series.

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3 x 57 mins
Series Episode
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