Enough Rope - Can I Write the Ending?

Andrew Denton first met Annie Robinson during the 'Show and Tell' segment on Enough Rope two years ago. That's when he found out about the term 'metastatic cancer': cancer gone wild. For Annie, as with so many women, it started in her breast. Then it kept coming back...
Annie's journey began eight years ago when a routine check-up discovered a lump in her breast. Then further tests showed she had a tumour in her neck, in her spine, about four or five spots in her liver, and some in her lung area. The second diagnosis occurred when Annie was four months pregnant with her first child, and she was determined that she would not terminate her pregnancy.
Then we meet 45-year-old Nadeen Kovacic, mother to Elise and Jack, and married to Ludvic. Four years ago Nadeen had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, but then discovered that she has cancer in her liver and her spine. Nadine admits that the one word she used the most when she was first diagnosed was "scared". Since her cancer returned six months ago, Nadeen has been living from one uncertain week to the next.
And, there is Annie's friend Jasmyne. She has had metastatic cancer for five years - they met at the oncologist and were instantly drawn to each other, and she's been on the same drugs as Annie. But Jasmyne knows her time is running out...
Annie has decided to set up an organisation called Dreams 2 Live 4 - an organisation that aims to grant wishes for people like her with metastatic cancer. She is about to realise her dream - to sing with a pop group!

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