English Bites Series 6

English Bites is an educational series and integrated website that explains the everyday usage of the English language while giving colourful insights, through stories into Australian life, society and culture.
Each episode begins by playing a recent news story, then breaks it down into individual words and phrases, metaphors, similes, analogies or puns.
Sydney 'Family'
Clin Heaney
Treetop Walk
Knitting Needle Maker
Australian Antarctic Division
Antarctic Festival
Arkie Barton Stateline Qld
Fish Oil
Vox Pop: Jasmine
Wood Chopper
Gerry Wedd
Geothermal Energy Stateline Qld
Kris Keogh
Wombat Hilton
No Through Road
Thi Van
Women In Racing Stateline SA
Brown's Mart
Aurora Australis
A Tropical House
Chinese Daily
Dylan's 60s House

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Production Year: 
26 x 8 mins
Series Episode
Standard $330
Schools $330
Home $330

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