Eight Days a Week

Over a period of four months, we follow the fortunes of three small businesses of varying size and type, and explore the various factors which impinge on the success or otherwise of small business, seeking expert comment along the way. These factors include viability, marketing, personal relationships, record-keeping, dealing with government and many others. Produced in association with the Australian National Training Authority.
Ep 1 - Open For Business
We meet our two continuing businesses and their mentors, and look at their reasons for going into business and the main challenges facing expanding businesses.
Ep 2 - Strapped For Cash
What happens when the books don’t balance? Is it better to struggle or cut your losses?
Ep 3 - Plan B
This episode focuses on strategic planning and systems management...planning for growth or planning for survival.
Ep 4 - But Wait There’s More!
Marketing and promoting her gourmet cookies are the main issues for a young business owner, but she dislike selling.
Ep 5 - Pushed For Time
This episode focuses on a family who have a busy travel agency, but there is little spare time available outside of their business.
Ep 6 - Training Wheels
It is important to identify the training needs of staff and the business owner, and the owner of an Indian restaurant works through these issue with her mentor.
Ep 7 - Significant Others
We follow the progress of a mentor helping a charity shop deal with communication, organisation and customer service.
Ep 8 - I Know I Put it Somewhere
In this episode, the importance of being organised is highlighted.
Ep 9 - To Market To Market
What’s in a name? In the case of this tour company the name has been a point of contention and this mentor helps them sort out the marketing issues that will help their business.
Ep 10 - Performance Review
We revisit all the businesses we have followed throughout the series to see what has happened in their business.

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10 x 30 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $330

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