Dynasties - Series 4

An inside look at some of Australia's most powerful families, which reveal the story of some of Australia's great dynasties, the ways they have shaped our society, their private motivations and their ongoing influences.

The Lea Family
Behind the household name of Darrell Lea Chocolates lies a family dedicated to business. Over four generations, the Lea family have taken a simple recipe for Bulgarian Rock and transformed it into an enterprise worth millions. This intimate film introduces us to a family obsessed by chocolate.

The Roycroft Family
The Roycrofts are Australia’s most famous equestrian dynasty. Legendary horseman, Bill Roycroft, has competed in five Olympic Games. Remarkably, his three sons have all competed along side their father – each driven by the same fierce determination to win. But, today, it is only Bill’s daughter-in-law, Vicki, who keeps the family’s Olympic legacy alive. This film explores how one man’s spirit of competition has shaped a dynasty.

The Jones Family
The Jones family are Australia's motor racing blue bloods - with Grand Prix and Formula One championships to their credit. In this family, courage and competition are part of a proud male tradition. But that's not all the Jones' have inherited. Each generation has lived life to the fullest. And they've survived the dangers of motor racing, only to face financial and emotional hardships that have brought them almost to their knees. Now the Jones family are involved in the race of a lifetime: a new motor racing venture, where the dice is being rolled to rekindle past glory and a lost fortune.

The Mora Family
When artist Mirka Mora and her husband Georges burst onto the Melbourne scene after World War Two, they found a perfect setting for their French culture and bohemianism. Their three sons have continued this tradition but in a changed world - a world in which unconventionality is harder to sustain. Eldest son Philippe is a film director and lives in Hollywood; second son William follows directly in his father’s footsteps operating a successful Melbourne art gallery; and youngest son Tiriel is the well-know actor of The Castle and Frontline fame.

The Archer Family
This intimate documentary explores the very different destinies of two great colonial estates – created by the same family. The Archers were once Tasmania’s greatest landholding family. But within the one dynasty were two brothers with very different ambitions. One, Thomas Archer, would accumulate great wealth and become a member of the colony’s ruling elite. The other, William, simply wanted to farm and farm well. Both built their estates on the back of free convict labour. But only one of these homes would survive in the family’s hands into the 21st century.

The Donovan Family
When 16-year-old Casey Donovan won the country's most famous talent quest, Australian Idol last year, it was a proud moment for the Donovan dynasty. For three generations, the family has played a leading role in Aboriginal and country music circles.

The Aarons Family
The Aarons were once called ‘the Royal Family of Australian Communism’. Four generations dedicated themselves to the revolutionary cause, and the family lived and breathed the struggle. Today, as the Aarons bury their leader and with communism discredited, the family must finally confront ‘what’s left?’

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