Dreamtime Stories

The Aboriginal people have developed a vital and imaginative religious culture centred around myths, comprising legends of the ten ways life began and how their society, laws and customs were established. With original music composed for the series these colourful, enchanting 'Dreamtime stories' tell tales that have provided a basis of belief to a society over 40,000 years old.

The Monsoon Frog Tells the story of Wala, a Dreamtime figure who tries to kill one of nature's special children as a result of his own impatience and frustration.

The Creation A dramatised explanation of how the Earth came to be and how it's landforms, vegetation and animal life came about.

The Evil One A dramatised version of an Aboriginal Dreamtime legend, which tells of how evil came into the world. The Stolen Canoe In this tale of the Bandicoot people the concept of sharing and the consequences of selfishness are illustrated in the story.

Pariki And The Flying Foxes Based on an aboriginal 'Dreamtime' legend which tells the story of a young boy who lived during the creation on an island.

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Production Year: 
5 x 15 mins
Series Episode
Standard $225
Schools $165
Home $165

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