Dreamtime to Dance

As their indigenous dance college, NAISDA, battles to survive a funding crisis, students Clarence and Rachel embark on journeys of cultural awakening as they strive to become professional dancers. Dreamtime to Dance presents a compelling portrayal of this period of professional, personal and cultural development for a group of young Indigenous Australians in pursuit of their dreams.
Over the course of one year this series bears witness to the struggle for survival that subsumes NAISDA's principles and students as they fight to keep this institution from being closed down. We will witness the development of of Rachel and Clarence and other students as they grapple with their identity through a rigorous schedule of training in contemporary and traditional dance, a traditional tour to a remote indigenous community and performances.
Showcasing the pressure and pain of getting fit for your art, there's plenty at stake... from the students' attempt to successfully complete their course, their navigation through their private lives as they grapple with issues of identity and self esteem, to the very survival of the their dance college.
Dreamtime to Dance couples the stunning imagery and movement of dance with a fly on the wall style of production. The resulting series combines moments of great intimacy and personal endeavour with a sharp commentary on contemporary indigenous issues in Australia.
Ep 1 - Proving Your worth
Ep 2 - Why Elders Cry
Ep 3 - No Students, No Funding, No Funding, No NAISDA
Ep 4 - Bukmug, Yolngu, Nini: We're Still Here
Learning Areas include: English (genres and biography reports), Health and PE, Drama, Indigenous Studies, Performing Arts, SOSE/HSIE (culture and identity), Humanities.

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Production Year: 
4 x 28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $275
Schools $198
Home $198

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