Dream Build - Series 2

DREAM BUILD is a new series about Aussies who have been lucky enough to turn the dream of building their own home into a spectacular reality. The front door will open to some of Australia’s cutting edge homes revealing what can happen when the brief is pushed on design and budget.
Each owner will share their experience of throwing down ambitious and challenging briefs to their architect in the hope of creating a one in a million home. The architect will reveal their design secrets and how they rose to the challenge to give their client not only the home but also the lifestyle of their dreams.
Ep 1 - Brent Knoll
This week’s Dream Build episode shows how a very brave owner took her home from the 1800s to the 21st century. The result is a daring building that uses older materials in remarkable new ways. Having restored her old (1850s) Victorian farmhouse cottage, Ellie Nielsen wondered how she could put on an extension without compromising the integrity of the old building. To solve this problem, Ellie engaged Rodney Eggleston, an architect she’s known since he was just a boy. His solution left her gob-smacked (or dumbfounded).
Ep 2 - K House
K House has been globally recognised as one of the world’s great modern beach houses. Sited on the Victorian surf coast the house has a shape derived from the ‘K’ of the owner’s name - Kronberg . The ’K’ has been sliced and reorientated to produce a house that some say looks like a ship while others think it resembles an explosion.
Ep 3 - Rolling Cubes
Shane Hendriks is a builder and designer who came up with a unique idea for building his family home while mucking around with his son's building blocks. His house consists of five cubes arranged in an ark to maximise the northerly aspect of the sun, with a sense of the cubes rolling and tumbling. There is even a 'floating cube' seemingly suspended between the second and third more prominent cubes on the ground.
Ep 4 - Inner House
What do you do with a heritage listed church, where the heritage requirements dictate that nothing of the new structure can touch the walls of the heritage listed building? Undeterred, Mark Carnegie employed architect Simon Swaney and they used these limitations to drive the design and convert a church into a modern home for him and his daughters.
Ep 5 - Marimenko
Nestled in the suburbs of Perth Marimekko House is a home designed by Ariane Prevost for her own family of five adults (including her three adult children). While essentially quite modest in budget and size the house features bold and innovative design incorporating landscaping, courtyards and a rooftop garden to create multiple light-filled living spaces.
Ep 6 - Flipped House
Why would you name a house "Flipped"? Felicity Jansen is the owner and has the nickname Flip. Plus her new home 'flips' the layout of the original 60's house on the site.
The new house takes its style from the 1960's design which Felicity originally fell in love with. But this house was impractical for their family life and was demolished to make way for the "Flipped House".
Ep 7 - Cocoon House
Ep 8 - Jilliby House
Ep 9 - Angaphora Home
Ep 10 - Wheatsheaf House

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